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Incidents Linked To Hyundai Vehicles Reported, NHTSA Investigates

As an attorney, I’m glad that the U.S. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has issued a statement saying that the agency is investigating multiple vehicles over an issue with the car’s suspension. The NHTSA has reported that the 2006 through 2008 Hyundai Sonatas could have an issue with suspension components that could cause it to rust.

After the federal agency received six complaints associated with the Sonata vehicles presenting issues with its suspensions, agents have indicated that in one of the incidents, the car’s rear suspension ended up swerving while the vehicle was being used. Although no injuries or incidents stemmed from the accident, the car owner had to take the vehicle to the shop to have his tires, frame, and suspension components replaced in order to have the vehicle fully repaired. According to the report, the rear frame had been corroded, which caused the suspension failure.

If the investigators find an issue with these vehicles, over 393,000 units of these cars would be affected. Hyundai would have to issue a recall announcement along the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration in order to have all affected vehicles repaired for free. Up to this moment, Hyundai has claimed that car owners who may have experienced any issues with their suspension are urged to visit their dealers to have the vehicle inspected.

The company has claimed it is cooperating with the investigation. The federal agency should have more details on these vehicles and if there’s a particular issue with the model’s suspension components in the near future.

In some of the incidents that were reported to the agency, the issue with the suspension activated the cars’ electronic stability control systems. In order to ensure consumers are safe and their vehicles do not pose accident risks to anybody.

Many accidents occur before any recalls are issued. In order to prevent accidents, you should act promptly anytime you learn a vehicle or product you use regularly has been recalled. Avoiding doing so could increase the dangers and pose serious threats to you and your loved ones.

You can follow this link for the full article to learn more about the details of this investigation.

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