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Inexpensive Recycled Airbags Could Cost Your Life, Experts Say

According to several news agencies, car owners may be tempted to save some money on recycled airbags, however, going for the less expensive option could eventually turn out to be deadly.

Recent reports indicate that using recycled non-deployed airbags taken from identical models of vehicles could be dangerous. Experts believe that although legal and much less costly than purchasing new airbags, these devices may not function properly, especially if purchased from eBay or independent shops since many airbags could be counterfeit items that would pose injury risks to consumers.

Experts urge consumers to use of extreme caution and attention while shopping for recycled airbags. According to the official Automotive Recyclers Association’s website, properly recycled airbags are able to perform to their mandated specifications. The association has developed a 12-step certification process that hopes to look into several factors like handling, extraction, storage and even inspection of the safety devices before making the items available for purchase.

Critics have voiced their opinion against the recycled safety devices due to a concern associated with the fact that these safety items may be more likely to fail if they were exposed to extreme temperatures or moisture. If these devices are exposed to extreme temperatures, they may not be as effective as they would if kept in perfect storing conditions. To prevent injuries, experts are urging consumers to be watchful of certain risk factors associated with potential counterfeit airbag devices prone to failure.

According to the official advisory reported by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, consumers could find out if a counterfeit airbag was installed in a vehicle by checking if the devices were replaced within the past three years at any kind of repair shop that is not part of a new-car dealership. If the replacement safety device was purchased from an internet source like eBay or any other source that is not directly linked to the automaker, the airbag could be counterfeit.

Consumers are also asked to pay attention to the color of the airbag trim. According to the federal agency, a counterfeit airbag trim is slightly different from the OEM parts.

If the “SRS” letters usually embossed on the vinyl trim cover of genuine airbags are not defined correctly, chances are the airbag you’re looking into purchasing is counterfeit.

For more tips on how to safely purchase a new airbag for your vehicle, click here to read the full article.

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