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Infotainment Interfaces Can Be Frustrating, Experts Say

Certain new infotainment technologies could make everything worse for drivers, if driving wasn’t frustrating enough. According to some experts, automakers have been developing more technologies and features that hope to respond to an increasing demand for more connectivity and entertainment.

According to some, more and more vehicles are being equipped with large infotainment screens meant to be the center of the in-car experience to drivers and passengers. These technologies offer a series of different technologies and features such as navigation, music and media management, hands-free calling features, and additional functions that could be useful in many ways.

Some experts believe that in order to make the connectivity features available, some automakers end up making dashboards that are extremely distracting and invasive due to their size, bright screens and shinny displays.

Some infotainment systems seem natural enough and blend in with the dashboard nicely, making the experience much more enjoyable, however, some infotainment systems do not seem nearly as natural, and are in fact a burden.

Infotainment technologies such as MyFord Touch, CUE, iDrive, COMAND, MMI and Uconnect Touch share several elements including the touch-screen, but not all features and designs are the same. What could make certain systems more invasive than others can be traced back to a series of nuances. The system’s resolution, amount of storage and how well the interface and the details it displays can frustrate if the drive is not necessarily dealing with the system but rather attempting to focus on the road ahead.

Some experts decided to look into the most common interfaces in order to compare all systems available. They looked into the many features the technologies offer, the function they perform and how well they blend in once the driver is done with the interface and ready to get to driving.

For the full list of infotainment interfaces and what makes them special or not, follow this link for the full article.

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