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Insurance Co. Launches Monitoring Device, Consumers Could Save Money

Multiple news agencies have indicated that the insurance company Progressive has introduced a new monitoring system that would help drivers to save money.

The feature would transmit details concerning the driver’s driving behavior, speed, how many times a day the car is driven or how often drivers make sudden stops.

This in-car widget would register the data to calculate the result, which would be used in order to generate discounts to drivers who operate their vehicles in a safe and defensive manner.

This technology may help many drivers across the country to maintain a low premium by driving safely. According to the company, this device could also improve car safety since it encourages people to be better drivers.

As an attorney, I’m glad to learn that insurance companies are working to promote safety. I encourage California drivers to learn more about this device and how it works by clicking here. Remember that driving defensively could save your life and help to make roads safer everywhere.

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