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Is Lexus Considering Developing A New Compact Crossover?

According to several news agencies, Lexus may be considering to develop a compact crossover model.

After BMW started pushing for the development of its X1 due to the European high demand.

In the United States, the high number of sales linked to the X1 has put smiles on BMW executives. According to the reports, Land Rover is also working on manufacturing more Evoques also due to the high demand for compact crossovers. Audi has been trying its best to make the Q3 model available to American dealerships promptly while Mercedes-Benz is also trying to push the new GLA. According to several publications, Lexus may also be working on developing a vehicle that will compete with the likes of the models mentioned previously.

Up to this moment, no details regarding the developing of this new crossover have been unveiled. However, the company’s vice president has reported that a compact crossover design is under “serious consideration”, which could imply that Lexus may be soon competing with the likes of Audi and Mercedes-Benz.

Hopefully, safety is taken into consideration and automakers continue to develop vehicles equipped with an extensive list of safety features in order to keep drivers and passengers safe in the future.

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