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Jeep May Have Accidentally Unveiled Details On New Grand Cherokee, Wrangler

Multiple news agencies have reported that Jeep has just unveiled some details on its new concept cars.

According to the reports, the company has used the Easter Jeep Safari event to unveil new details concerning a series of six trucks that, even if not approved and manufactured, could give the public some ideas on what the company is hoping to do with the new Grand Cherokee diesel model and the new Wrangler.

Some believe the new Wrangler, for an instance, may be completely redesigned to meet the needs of a growing urban public. Aerodynamic improvements will be developed and a potential change in the vehicle’s roofline, are surely all measures that would make this model a more fuel-efficient and popular vehicle.

To learn more on the potential vehicle designs and changes on the new Wrangler and Cherokee, click here for the full article.

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