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Kia Wants To Produce Luxury Lineup

According to several media outlets, Kia will be competing with luxury automakers by producing rivals to luxury models produced by BMW and Mercedes-Benz.

Experts have indicated that Hyundai spent a full decade attempting to do just that, however, the Korean automaker wasn’t able to fulfill its promise. According to the reports, Kia announced its plan to become a premium international car maker over the next five years by launching models that would be on the same levels when it comes to style, technology and sophistication as the top luxury automakers. Experts believe that to achieve the type of success the Japanese and German brands have achieved, Kia will have to work much harder than Hyundai.

Kia hopes to achieve some of its desired success with its attractive K9 or Quoris sedan. Hyundai currently sells its luxury-style vehicles under the Hyundai brand, instead of creating a new, separated brand for its luxury models.

Although Kia is owned by Hyundai, specialists believe that Kia is not afraid of having to experience the same difficulties Hyundai still experiences as it tries to make it in the luxury spectrum.

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