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Kia’s New Hybrid Concept Unveiled

According to a series of reports, the new Kia Provo Concept may be a vehicle that may change the way cars are designed from now on.

The reports show that Kia designed a gas-electric hybrid concept that is equipped with headlamps with LEDs, which has been designed to display decorative lights that make this vehicle humorous, according to the firm. This new concept is fully designed to appeal to the younger crowd looking for a fun and competent car that is also efficient and green.

The vehicle comes with a groundbreaking “smart-4WD-hybrid” technology that allows the vehicle to operate in electric-mode only while the it is traveling at low speeds.

The vehicle hasn’t been made its official debut already, but the concept is gaining fans everywhere. For the full review of this new Kia model, click here for the full article.

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