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Oceanside Consumer Sues Toyota


The Vachon Law Firm has filed a California lemon law lawsuit on behalf of San Diego County car buyer against Toyota Motor Sales, U.S.A., Inc. The lawsuit is titled Ramirez v. Toyota Motor Sales, U.S.A., Inc. (San Diego County Superior Court Case No. 37-2012-00054566).

Complaint Alleges That the Plaintiff Purchased a Defective 2012 Toyota Corolla

The plaintiff in the Ramirez v. Toyota Motor Sales lawsuit is an Oceanside, California consumer who purchased a new 2012 Toyota Corolla from Toyota of Escondido in April 2012. According to the complaint, the Toyota Corolla soon began to suffer from a defect that causes the steering and braking systems to malfunction in a dangerous manner. The complaint further alleges that Mr. Ramirez took the Toyota Corolla back to Toyota’s authorized repair facilities at least three times (twice to Toyota of Escondido and once to Toyota of Carlsbad) for repair of the defect; however, Toyota was either unable or unwilling to properly diagnose and repair the defect under warranty.

The complaint further alleges that Toyota violated the lemon law because Toyota was not able to fix the Toyota Corolla’s defect within a reasonable number of repair attempts. The lawsuit seeks to force Toyota to repurchase Mr. Ramirez’s Toyota Corolla, and also seeks a civil penalty and reimbursement for Mr. Ramirez’s attorney’s fees, costs, and expenses.

To read a copy of the Ramirez v. Toyota Motor Sales complaint, click here.

Please note: the San Diego County Superior Court has not yet determined whether Toyota Motor Sales violated the lemon law, or whether the plaintiff’s allegations are true. Toyota is expected to deny all wrongdoing when it answers the complaint.

Plaintiff is Seeking Other Toyota Corolla Owners

The Vachon Law Firm is requesting that any other owners of defective 2012 Toyota Corollas call him to discuss their vehicle’s defects and repair attempts. In particular, Toyota Corolla owners who have experienced chronic steering and/or braking malfunctions should call the Vachon Law Firm at 855-4-LEMON-LAW (855-453-6665).

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