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Mercedes-Benz Launches Vehicle With New Safety Technology

According to a recent article, the automaker Mercedes-Benz has recently developed new safety systems that will offer motorists safety and comfort at the same time.

The reports show that PRE-SAFE® and DISTRONIC PLUS are not the only systems in Mercedes-Benz vehicles that have been developed to keep drivers safe.

The next generation of S-Class models is fully equipped with “Intelligent Drive”, which is a set of new systems and devices designed to boost safety and offer motorists a much more comfortable ride. The new model also comes with a full set of sensors that allows this technology to function and avoid collisions.

The safety system will help the vehicle’s software to analyze tricky situations while the vehicle is traveling and recognize potential hazards and hurdles. The vehicle’s improved sensors and detectors are much more accurate than previous sensors developed by the company, reports show.

Safety has been a huge concern for drivers, federal agencies and automakers in the past few years. Hopefully, more car makers and lawmakers will look into this matter and push the industry to develop even safer vehicles, like Mercedes-Benz has decided to do.

Mercedes-Benz hopes to make occupants and drivers much safer with the developing of this technology.

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