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Motorists Want Automakers To Make Safer Vehicles, Study Shows

According to a recent study, drivers are warming up to the idea of using active safety technology in their vehicles in order to stay safe while behind the wheel.

The reports show that the study has surveyed 5,000 people. About 66 percent of all drivers who participated claimed they want some form of safety technology to be added to their vehicles. This study follows the discovery that most of all auto accidents are induced by driver error.

Although 90 percent of accidents are caused by driver error, auto insurance companies report, not all automakers have already come up with safety technologies that may help to turn tables on this matter. According to the research, most safety technologies available in vehicles nowadays can help to aid the motorist for a brief amount of time. Some of the most well-known include warnings of imminent collisions, cars leaving the lane, electronic stability control and devices that apply the brakes or steer the vehicle to safety if the vehicle is about to be involved in a collision.

The Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers produced a video describing all safety technologies and systems available in current vehicle models and how to make a better use of every type of system.

Most drivers have claimed during the survey that their main concern while driving is the presence of erratic drivers. They believe that vehicles equipped with advanced safety technologies could curb the dire consequences of these drivers’ reckless behavior.

Some drivers revealed that they believe that drivers simply pulling out in front of them abruptly in bumper-to-bumper traffic is one of the most stressful situations they have to live daily and that systems that would alert drivers of obstacles and hazards could be helpful in these situations.

About 44 percent of all drivers who were surveyed in this study have reported that they would like to see more visual and audible alert systems present in vehicles. According to the Alliance, 34 percent of drivers claimed they favor systems that steer or brake when the vehicle is about to collide with another car or person.

The survey has also assessed issues with parking. According to the study, 35 percent of motorists say that they would much prefer to enjoy an auto technology that helps them to parallel park. Some of the other issues brought up by drivers included avoiding pedestrians while driving in parking lots and reversing in and out of spaces. They ask manufacturers to include self-parking systems and other technologies that would help them to avoid minor accidents.

To learn more about this survey and what drivers believe to be the most important safety technologies, click here to read the full article.

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