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Multiple Issues Lead To Mitsubishi Outlander Sport Recall

Multiple news agencies have reported that, recently, Mitsubishi has issued a recall for all units of the Outlander Sport model for 2013 over a problem with the car’s brake stop lights.

Other issues with the car appear to affect the vehicle’s fuel sending unit and the shift levers. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, Mitsubishi has recalled 4,539 units of the 2013 Outlander Sport models for three major issues. The federal agency has stated these vehicles could pose a crash hazard to drivers due to an issue with the stop lights, which could illuminate continuously. The lack of fuel sending unit harnesses that should be present in the sub-sending unit are also linked to this recall. Since the crucial component is missing, the driver may get a false reading of fuel tank levels, increasing the risk of an unintended stalling issue.

These vehicles have also been equipped with shift levers that could move from the Park position unexpectedly, increasing the risk of a possible roll away issue.

Affected car owners are being notified by the company and should have all vehicles promptly repaired for free. At this moment, recalled car owners are urged to contact the automaker in order to obtain more information about the risks associated with this recall.

As an attorney, I urge California motorists to always stay on top of recall news. Certain recalls are issued for major problems that lead to accidents. As soon as you hear of a recall that is linked to a vehicle you own, contact the manufacturer as soon as you possibly can to have the issue resolved at once.

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