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MyFord Touch Still Glitchy, Experts Report

According to several specialists, MyFord Touch is still glitchy, in spite of the many updates the company has performed in the exclusive Ford infotainment system.

Due to the increase concern regarding car safety, many automakers have been focused on coming up with infotainment systems and other features that will not pose a risk to the driver. Experts have been following the automakers’ efforts to develop better systems and Ford is no exception.

Reports show that the MyFord Touch system is yet to be relaunched in new Ford and Lincoln vehicles and an extended two-year warranty coverage will also be added to the mix. According to the Consumer Reports and other reviewers, problems associated with the MyFord technology could pose serious reliability issues newer additions or upgrades were not able to address.  According to a recent consumer survey, Ford vehicle owners are also not happy about the system and have been verbal about finding the technology glitchy and somewhat distracting.

According to experts, the system continues to present issues with certain interfaces, regardless of how many times the automaker redesigns and reissues the technology in its newer vehicle models.

According to one account, the driver of a Ford Escape Titanium tested experienced an issue with MyTouch’s rear camera. The driver reportedly couldn’t get the device to shut off, leaving the image being captured by the rear camera as the background of the system, which continued working by showing the driver the navigation interface. According to the motorist, the constantly moving image captured by the rear camera was distracting. Although this can be considered to be a minor issue, it nonetheless is an issue that could be later a reliability issue with the MyFord system.

Because of glitches like the one we just described, consumers continue to return their vehicles to the dealers and experts continue to address the same issue with the device, which could be unreliable if not perfected. Specialists believe that, systems like infotainment devices must be well-designed to be reliable, which is the case with Chrysler’s UConnect 8.4-inch touch-screen system and Cadillac’s CUE.

In spite of the fact the best infotainment systems have issues of their own, they are not as unreliable and glitchy as MyFord Touch, experts claim.
Consumer Reports claimed that consumers will continue to give MyFord technology a bad review until the system is absolutely repaired and its features are reliable.

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