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New App Keeps Parents Aware Of Teens’ Behavior Behind The Wheel

Multiple news agencies have indicated that a new app could help parents to keep an eye on their teens while they’re behind the wheel in order to keep drivers from being distracted.

Since smartphones have become extremely popular, more drivers have been distracted while behind the wheel. According to the news, the increasing number of deaths associated with accidents has been linked to distracted driving. Studies show that while texting and driving is a reality to all age groups, it is much worst among teen drivers and young adults.

The Canary app has been designed to allow parents to track the teen’s whereabouts and how he or she is operating the vehicle. The app can be installed in the teen’s phone and every time the driver is texting while the vehicle is moving faster than 12 miles per hour, the parent will receive a text message.

According to the reports, the phone used by the teen driver will set the app when the vehicle starts moving faster than 12 miles per hour. The app has been designed to work on both Android and iPhone devices. The technology may also offer a feature that would send the parent a text message or an alert if the vehicle the teen is driving is found traveling outside of an area that the parent or guardian has pre-approved.

Parents with the technology enabled in their phones may look at a history of previous infractions to find location, time and date of each infraction in order to keep a score of how well their teens are driving.

The app is used through the GPS systems that are found in most iPhones and Android devices. While the app won’t stop the teen from using the phone once the vehicle is in use, it allows parents to track the teen’s actions.

Some safety advocates believe that the app was designed that way in order to leave the burden of keeping themselves from using their phones while behind the wheel entirely on the teen drivers.

The service is no free but it can be tested for seven days before the parent chooses to purchase it. Once the consumer has subscribed to it, he or she can add an unlimited number of phones under one single account.

Programs promoting awareness on the dangers concerning distracted drivers will receive some of the funds the company behind this app generates from the subscriptions.

To learn more about this app and how other companies are working to curb the dangers associated with distracted driving, click here to read the full article.

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