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New Auto Technologies Impress International Auto Show Attendees

Multiple news agencies have been reporting that during the Pittsburgh International Auto Show, multiple new technologies were showcased, especially safety and entertainment innovations that help drivers to save at the pump and stay safe in the event of accidents.

According to the multiple reports, some of the standard safety technologies available to most drivers of 2013 and 2014 cars, trucks and SUVs were on display at this year’s Pittsburgh International Auto Show.

Safety experts believe that innovations are important and keep drivers interested in learning more about new cars and how they can keep their loved ones by purchasing the latest auto technology available on the market.

During this year’s International Auto Show, more than 35 automakers participated by showcasing their vehicle models and new technology. The event, which was sponsored by the Greater Pittsburgh Automobile Dealers Association, gave automakers the opportunity to unveil innovations that have been designed to keep drivers safe and make the driving experience much more pleasant.

Some of the technologies unveiled during the event include a new cruise control system that keeps the vehicle riding at speeds that match the vehicle traveling ahead while it’s cruising on a highway. The system makes the vehicle slow down, accelerate or keep a particular rate of speed in order to maintain a desired distance from the vehicle ahead. Another technology that was showcased during the event is the lane-control system that warns drivers they have allowed the vehicle to drift over a white or yellow line. This system would avoid accidents by either making drivers get the vehicle back onto its lane or by automatically correcting the wheels if the driver fails to do so in time.

Toyota has also developed a new technology that is a computer-link system designed to offer applications for the Bing search engine, OpenTable.com, Pandora, MovieTickets.com and even iHeartRadion.com, which can be picked and used with the help of a dashboard screen. The technology called Enture uses the driver’s smartphone in order to allow the system to access the Internet. Drivers may activate the technology with a voice-activated feature.

This technology was developed in order to help drivers to make the best of their journeys without being distracted by buttons and screens. Other technologies have also been unveiled during the event. Consumers willing to learn more should stay on top of all news concerning future auto shows.

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