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New Ford Fiesta Gets 40 MPG, Reports Show

According to several experts, the new Ford Fiesta model has been unveiled and its power train options may surprise consumers.

The reports show that the vehicle’s 1.0-liter engine with EcoBoost has won several awards for its performance. The new Ford Fiesta is also poised to impress due to its series of technologically advanced features that will offer drivers of this compact and inexpensive vehicle the safety and luxury only available in more expensive vehicles up until now.

Specialists believe that this new model is fun to drive and exciting when it comes to engine performance. The small car will get 40 miles per gallon, which makes it the leader in its segment when it comes to fuel-economy. According to multiple reports, the new model has also been redesigned to appeal to a crowd that is attracted to vehicles with personality.

For more on this new model and how reliable specialists believe this car is, click here to learn more.

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