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New Kia Vehicle Comes With Groundbreaking Safety Technology

Kia is now launching a new set of safety devices with its new model of vehicle, reports show.

According to the reports, the new BD23,000 luxury Quoris will feature a string of safety features that may impress most consumers. Experts have reported that the technology will offer an intelligent cruise control system known as Advanced Smart Cruise Control that will work with the vehicle’s sensors to adjust the vehicle’s speed by monitoring the road and checking for other vehicles or possible hazards ahead.

Reports show that this system will keep the vehicle at a safe distance from the vehicle ahead and will adjust the vehicle’s speed, which could help drivers to avoid accidents by safely maintaining the vehicle at a steady speed.

The new technology will also offer drivers comfort, hazard warning technology and a system that will detect traffic changes.

For more on this new car and how this technology could make Kia vehicles safer, click here for the full article.

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