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New Technologies Improving The Experience Of Drivers Everywhere

Multiple reports show that, it’s not really news that new car technologies are changing and reshaping the way we drive and the way we look at our vehicles.

According to a series of news articles, certain new features are already allowing us access to a safer and more delightful driving experience. To understand these features better and learn more about how they are changing the way we are driving, experts have researched some of the newer and more popular systems and devices that have been changing our lives and that are present in new car models. They also took a peek into the technologies that are not yet available but will soon reshape our future.

One of the features that is making the lives of many drivers much more blissful is the active parking assistant. When you drive a newer Ford vehicle, chances are you are already taking advantage of this system anytime you’re attempting to park. Sensors help you to scan the area for suitable locations and when the vehicle spots the perfect place for parking, you will operate the gas and brake pedals while the vehicle gives you the signal as soon as the wheels are aligned properly.

Volvo, Toyota, Ford and Mercedes-Benz are also working on improving camera systems that would help drivers to detect and avoid crashes. These systems are already being put to use in tests and should be hitting the market soon in newer vehicles, which could mean that the number of accidents and collisions may drop once these new systems are employed.

Many vehicles are already equipped with intelligent GPS systems and other gadgets like the Mbrace2 that will use Google Street View to keep the driver out of traffic snarls. While engineers are worried about designing features that help drivers to keep their attention entirely focused on the road, others are trying hard to make the hands-free, or autonomous vehicle, available for purchase and use in the near future. This break through could help drivers to stay out of harm’s way by never having to worry much about how they are driving because their vehicles would do it for them.

Experts believe that these new devices and technologies can help big cities by making drivers more efficient and making traffic much faster. Hopefully, some of the technology that is still not out but that could improve our lives significantly will be available soon, until then, focus on the road ahead while behind the wheel and read more about how technology could make your driving experience much more enjoyable by clicking here.

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