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New Vehicles Get A Better MPG Because Of Turbocharger Technology

Turbochargers are generally associated with high performance vehicles, but more importantly, vehicles that are not fuel efficient. However, turbochargers are being paired with newer, more technologically advanced engines, which has resulted in a fuel efficient one-two punch.

Experts say that one is the fact that a small engine turbocharged will produce approximately the same performance level of a similar engine with 2 more cylinders. Two is the fact that smaller engines are more efficient because they use less gasoline.

The two technologies combined allow for highly fuel efficient internal combustion cars that are comparable to gas/electric hybrids, but still produce the horsepower in situations when you need it such as accelerating from a dead stop, or even merging onto a highway.

To learn more about this technology, read the full article here:

Turbocharger Technology Gives New Cars More MPG

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