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NHTSA Reports That Temsa Global Has Issued A Recall For Several Buses

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has indicated that multiple Temsa Global vehicles are being recalled because they were discovered to pose a possible fire risk to users. According to the federal agency, the 2011 through 2013 TS35C coach buses were equipped with certain fuel tanks that may have not been produced properly due to a process error.

This issue during the production of the fuel tanks may have caused the engine to become vulnerable, increasing the risk of a potential leak, which could then lead to a fire since the fuel could be exposed to an ignition source.

According to the federal agency, the company is still developing a remedy for this issue. It should announce a notification date in the near future.

You may click here for the full recall announcement in order to learn more about what you should do to stay safe and keep your passengers safe. As an attorney, I encourage you to stop using the vehicle until it has been fully repaired. California consumers with the recalled vehicles should contact the manufacturer at once in order to learn more about this recall.

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