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NHTSA Says Honda Has Recalled All 2012, 2013 Fit Sport Vehicles

According to several news agencies, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and Honda decided to issue a recall for Honda Fit Sport models after it was noted that the vehicles fail to comply with federal standards concerning electronic stability control systems.

The reports indicate that Honda’s 2012 and 2013 Fit Sport vehicles come with electronic stability control systems that could fail in case the vehicle is being operated at high steering angles with certain tires. The failure could be due to the fact the system may allow excessive yaw rates. To prevent this problem and keep drivers and passengers safe from potential accidents, the company has stated that all units of the recalled vehicles will have the ESC system software updated for free in order to prevent accidents.

The federal agency has stated that consumers with any complaints related to the recalled vehicles are encouraged to contact them at once. If you have been affected by this recall or know someone who has been affected, click here for the full article to learn more details on how to have this problem eradicated.

Too often, accidents occur due to auto defects before recall announcements are issued. Prevent accidents by quickly responding to any recall announcement that affects you and your loved ones.

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