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Nissan Cars Recalled, Vehicles Could Experience Front Brake Issues

As an attorney, I’m glad to know that certain issues with the front brake torque member in certain Nissan vehicles were identified before any accidents occurred.

According to a recent report issued by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, Nissan has issued a recall for vehicles manufactured between December 3, 2012 and January 29, 2013. The models affected include the Infiniti JX and the Pathfinder vehicles.

In the official statement, the federal agency says Nissan has reported that since the front brake torque member in these vehicles may fail due to a premature wear and failure issue, the brake caliper could move and come in contact with the road wheel.  This problem could lead to a structural weakness issue, increasing the risk of a crash since the brake may fail.

Affected vehicles should be fully repaired after a thorough inspection for free. California drivers with the recalled vehicles are encouraged to contact Nissan as soon as possible.

If you believe you may have been affected or you know someone who was affected by this particular recall, you can click here to read the full article. Do not hesitate to contact the manufacturer as soon as you learn your vehicle has been recalled. Act promptly to avoid accidents and injuries.

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