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Nissan Gambles On New $3,000 Datsun Models

According to recent reports, the new Datsun vehicle may be the car model that baby boomers remember for its sophisticated look, compact size and slogan, however, younger drivers may end up knowing this model more for its price tag than anything else.

According to experts, Nissan Motor Co. decided to launch a revival of this Beatles-era car that may surprise some of its most passionate fans. Nissan’s CEO has spoken about the decision and according to the official reports, the new Datsun will be offered for about $3,000 to $5,000 dollars, which makes it the most inexpensive vehicle available today.

Overall, six models of the Datsun will be offered to consumers. The vehicles will be available by the beginning of 2014 and the set of Datsun models is set to be the least inexpensive mini auto model in the world.

The goal is to provide those who are simply too poor to afford a vehicle a chance at belonging to the exclusive club of those who own a car. Up to this moment, there hasn’t been any automaker that has ventured in the business of making inexpensive vehicles to profitably make its way into the unexplored market of the emerging economy.

Since the first reports of the relaunching of the Datsun, many automakers have expressed some opposition to the idea by claiming that analysts, safety experts and car buffs are concerned with the consequences of the manufacturing of such inexpensive vehicles. Some believe that the dropping of certain features like air bags and automatic transmissions could put drivers at unnecessary risks.

So far, the idea is to introduce this vehicle to emerging markets, however, some Japanese rivals believe Nissan won’t be able to pull this one off since emerging markets lack the demand for these small and inexpensive vehicles. Another issue that may be concerning Nissan executives is that, to develop the car alone, the company could end up spending $1 billion.

Nissan decided to drop the manufacturing of the Datsun in the early 1980s and now, after all these decades, the company decided to bring the once-popular model back, which is a decision that is being received with some skepticism.

Nissan’s CEO recently promised to come up with a new Datsun that will not only be modern and fresh but that will also be comfortable and stylish, since consumers in developing nations want to own cars that they are actually able to afford. They also want vehicle models that will boost their self-esteem. His idea is to lift Nissan’s global market share with the introducing of this revival.

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