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Nissan Leaf May Still Be Better Than Mitsubishi i, Specialists Say

According to a series of reports, the new all-electric “i”  vehicle by Mitsubishi has been reviewed by experts.

The all-electric 2013 “i” model has been redesigned and is now fully equipped with a 16 kwh lithium-ion battery that could take from 6 to 22 hours to charge depending on the voltage of the charger the car owner uses.

The automaker has claimed they are hoping to deliver five more models of all-electric vehicles on top of the “i” model that will be launched in the next year. Experts believe that this new model may be the most inexpensive electric vehicle on sale in the country but that, because of the company’s material choice, paying extra for the Nissan Leaf may be worth it.

For the full review, click here to read more on this new model.

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