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Nissan Versa Airbag Complaints Investigated

Multiple news agencies have reported that the 2012 Nissan Versa model has been recently named one of the safest vehicles by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, however, recent reports show that the model may pose a risk associated with the car’s airbags.

Recent reports show that 35 complaints regarding airbags that failed to deploy in Nissan Versa vehicles have reached the company. Because of the number of incidents, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is investigating the 2012 model for a possible airbag cable assembly issue that may be linked to the defect associated with the incidents.

At this moment, the federal agency is investigating the complaints but agents are unaware of how long it will take for the investigation to be completed.

Defective vehicles should be repaired at once to decrease the risk of injury and accidents. If you own a recalled and defective vehicle, never fail to contact the manufacturer to have the issue promptly fixed. By postponing the repair, you may be putting your life and the lives of others in danger.

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