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NV Commercial Vans Recalled By Nissan

Nissan has recently issued a recall for all units of certain NV Commercial Van models over a possible issue with the transmission shifter.

According to the reports, Nissan has claimed that the NV vans introduced into the market from December 2010 through January 4, 2013 were equipped with a gear selector plate lock clip that may not be installed in a correct fashion, which could cause the device to slip out of its proper position. If this occurs while the vehicle is in use, the driver may believe the vehicle is shifted into Park when it’s actually in gear, leading to a potential roll away. The firm learned about this problem in December of 2012 and an investigation was initiated in order to identify the issue. Although no incidents or crashes were reported in association with the recalled vehicles, the company decided to issue the recall and make changes to the process in the assembly factories, which should ensure the vehicles are assembled correctly in the future.

For more details on this recall, follow this link for the full article.

As an attorney, I encourage any consumer with the recalled vehicles to contact the manufacturer as soon as possible in order to learn more about how they should proceed in order to have this issue promptly eradicated. Recalled vehicles can pose incident risks. Stay on top of recall news and be safe.

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