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Officers Ask Parents To Focus On Child And Auto Safety

According to a series of news agencies, authorities everywhere are urging drivers to beware of the risks associated with not placing their child in a car safety seat that is properly fitted for their child.

Local authorities are also urging parents to be aware of the risks associated with allowing their children to be at risk of being involved in an accident by allowing them to play in the sidewalk or around parked vehicles. Child safety should be every driver’s priority. Leaving a child unattended near roads or parked cars could be dangerous.

As an attorney, I feel it’s my duty to ensure the readers of my lemon law blog are aware of the risks associated with vehicles and potential vehicle defects and misuse of car safety seats. Hopefully, more campaigns will be organized in the state of California to ensure residents are aware of the dangers linked to failing to restrain their child while he or she is riding in a vehicle with their parents or care giver.

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