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Officers, Community Members To Learn How To Check For Car Safety Seats

Several news agencies have reported that law enforcement agencies will be teaching people how to check car safety seats and install them correctly.

According to the official release, the four-day event offers an intensive course to train officers and other members of the community on how to install and utilize car safety seats in order to keep child passengers safe at all times while riding in a vehicle.

These event has been organized with the hopes of ensuring more people are aware of how to safely train others on how to install a car safety seat and how to safely strap the child to the device. Statistics show that, in spite of the fact laws have been enacted to ensure drivers are placing their children in car safety seats, most parents are still unaware of what they must do in order to install the device and ensure the child is tightly strapped to the seat.

As soon as the event is over, fully trained officers and community members will be performing free checks of the car safety seats of other members of the community. The skills taught in the event will be useful to those who want to participate and make sure their child’s car seats are well fitted and installed.

For the full article, follow this link and read more about participating in the event. Several law enforcement agencies promote events that teach members of the community how to install and maintain a car safety seat. Find one near you and participate in order to ensure your child is safe.

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