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Older Cars Can Now Be Equipped With Advanced Safety Features

Recent articles indicated that older cars are now capable of carrying advanced safety features with the help of Mobileye 560.

According to the media outlets covering the Consumer Electronic Show, features like forward collision warnings, lane departure warning technology and automatic high beam control can be added to older vehicles with the use of a system known as Mobileye 560.

The technology enables multiple safety features like the ones we mentioned previously and even speed limit warnings. This system can be used for monitoring vehicle use. Car owners may choose to even receive email alerts when the vehicle is being driven dangerously, which could be especially useful for parents of teen drivers.

The system can be purchased at specialized auto stores, however, it does require a professional to be installed. Although the system may seem somewhat expensive, it could be worth it if you consider how much money you will save by avoiding accidents without having to purchase a new vehicle for the safety features.

Hopefully, safety features like Mobileye will be available to drivers who cannot afford purchasing a new vehicle in order to stay safe while behind the wheel.

If you would like to learn more details on this system and how to purchase it, click here to read the full article.

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