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Over 250,000 Children Injured In Auto Accidents Every Year

According to several news agencies, the National Center for Statistics and Analysis has reported that 250,000 children are injured in auto accidents every year.

Because car accidents are the main causes behind most children fatalities in the country, several safety experts and advocates have decided to organize a series of events to engage and help car owners to learn more about car safety and how to ensure their children are safe while riding in a vehicle.

The reports show that most parents are aware of the necessity of using car safety seats and restraints, however, not all parents are aware of the risks associated with installing a car safety seat incorrectly or placing the child in the restraint device while wearing a thick coat.

Parents are also unaware they should place the child in a car safety seat that is properly fitted to their children’s height and weight. By moving their children to a seat that is larger, the device may be ineffective and the child could experience serious or even fatal injuries in an accident as a result.

Keeping your child safe should be a priority to all parents. Hopefully, parents are more well-informed when it comes to car safety seat and child safety.

For more details and tips on how to keep your child safe, click here to read the full article.

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