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Parents Still Clueless When It Comes to Car Safety Seats

According to several experts, car safety seats are not often installed correctly, which is an issue that poses a serious risk to many young children across the country.

Reports show that only having a car safety seat is not enough. Too often, parents place their children in restraining seats without fully buckling them in, or failing to restrain them in a way that will make it impossible for the child to slip from the seat in case of an accident.

Parents are urged to participate in free car safety seat classes in their region but are also encouraged to read the car seat instruction manual thoroughly before installing the device. Parents could have many of their concerns addressed if only they focused on following the manufacturer’s recommendations.

Law enforcement agencies across the company train professionals who are willing to become safety technicians that help parents and caregivers when it comes to installing and using a car safety seat correctly.

If you are a parent and you’re still not entirely sure of how to safely install and use your child’s car safety seat, look for a local car seat check organized by a law enforcement agency in your region or click here to read more about car safety seats.

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