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Pierce Recalls Emergency Vehicle Models Over Door Handle Issues

According to multiple news agencies, Pierce Manufacturing Inc. has issued a recall for all units of the 2007 through 2013 Impel, Velocity, and Dash CF models of emergency vehicles over a possible issue with the springs in the handles of the vehicles’ doors.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has reported that Pierce decided to issue this recall after it was noted that the vehicles manufactured between June 6, 2007 and May 17, 2013 were equipped with door handles that may not be stiff enough to keep the device from opening inadvertently in case the vehicle is involved in certain types of collisions.

Because the handles fail to comply with certain federal standards, the company has noted that these vehicles must be quickly repaired immediately for free. The NHTSA has reported that Pierce is not notifying affected owners about this recall.

You can follow this link to read the full recall announcement at once.

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