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Ride-Sharing Services To Be Subject To Federal Regulation

According to several news agencies, the California Public Utilities Commission wrote cease-and-desist letters to ride-sharing services like SideCar and Lyft a few months back. The agency also decided to issue citations against these services claiming that these services were not regulated and that the poorly overseen ride-sharing services would pose a safety risk to users.

Now, it has been stated that the California Regulator has agreed to allow the services to become legitimized if the companies under the radar agree to be looked at by the CPUC, which is the agency that regulates the charter-party carriers in the state of California.

The Order Instituting Rulemaking may eventually create a new framework to have the ride-sharing services regulated and supervised by an agency entirely dedicated to the task.

Up to this moment, details regarding the procedures the agency will assume in order to legitimize these services were not revealed. Since these services do not follow into any current charter-party classification, the agency has stated it will be assessing public safety risks to ensure the consumers are protected from potential dangers associated with the operations behind these ride-sharing services.

Washington DC has also stated that it will be looking into ride-sharing services to regulate the operations.

To learn more about this ride-sharing services and how the agency hopes to regulate the operation, click here to read the full article.

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