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Safety Agencies Ask For Investigation Into Recent Ford Escape Issues

According to several reports, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration may have to investigate into the 2005 through 2012 models of the Ford Escape vehicles after a state consumer agency sent a report to the agency asking them to look into the somewhat defective electronic throttles these vehicles are equipped with.

The North Carolina Consumers Council has reported that several complaints related to the electronic throttles in these vehicles have been received as of late. Drivers say that the vehicles experienced engine stalling and unexpected surging. These reports are associated with 2009 Ford Escape SUVs. These incidents occurred while drivers where about to enter traffic or while traveling on busy highways.

Ford has come forth to talk about the issue. A spokesperson says that the company is aware of the possible investigation and that these vehicles may pose a risk if the electronic throttles are actually defective. The hybrid version of these models are also being investigated.

The NHTA’s Office of Defect Investigations will be looking into the matter to learn more about the cause behind the potentially stuck throttles. Hopefully, the issue will be solved before it poses a serious risk to car owners and passengers across the country.

The Ford Escape model has been recalled in the past due to defective fuel lines that could experience leaks.

For more on this investigation, follow the link:

Ford Escape SUVs may have throttle problems, say safety agencies

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