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Safety Technology Warns Drivers About Safe Braking Distance

Multiple news agencies have been reporting that a safety device designed to warn drivers that they are approaching a bus and driving too closely has been gaining popularity.

According to a recent study, most drivers are unaware of laws regarding braking distances and are usually uncertain of how to judge distances while driving. According to the researchers, 66% of drivers who participated in the tests underestimated the distance involved and only 5% were able to actually and fully judge the braking distances while on the ground.

The device triggers a printed strip that warns drivers they should pull back if buses are approached within 25 yards. Up to this moment, the national bus company has reported that the number of rear-end accidents involving buses decreased by 60%.

The device known as TailGuardian works by being activated with the use of filtering algorithms and enhancing the signs at the device’s perception threshold.

More than 10,000 units of these devices have been sold locally to multiple commercial vehicle operators and bus companies.

Motorists should always keep in mind that maintaining a safe distance can help them to avoid collisions. By following traffic rules, drivers experience better drives and help authorities to keep roads safer as well.

For more on this device and how it can avoid accidents, follow this link to read more.

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