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Seniors May Not Be Driving Vehicles That Meet Their Needs

According to a series of news agencies, nine out of every ten seniors drive vehicles that are not adequate to their needs.

AAA has claimed in a recent report that it has updated its Smart Features for Older Drivers resource, which may help older drivers to learn exactly what kind of health conditions can affect their comfort while behind the wheel and what kind of features may help to address these issues.

According to the reports, AAA has decided to update this resource with the help of the University of Florida’s Institute for Mobility, Activity and Participation.

Drivers with leg or hip pain that may experience a decrease in leg strength should drive vehicles with six-way adjustable power seats and seat heights that could help drivers to find a better position for their legs. Motorists who suffer pains related to arthritis will benefit from purchasing vehicles equipped with keyless ignition, thick steering wheels, larger dashboards and power mirrors.

AAA has also indicated that motorists who may have issues with a potentially diminished vision capability should focus on purchasing vehicles with large climate and audio controls and auto-dimming mirrors, which are features that could help the driver with vision problems to drive and operate the vehicle in a safer manner.

Regardless of the health condition, aging drivers should learn more about the risks associated with driving cars with poor safety features.

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