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Students Have A Hard Time Texting And Driving In PSA

Avoiding accidents and staying alert while behind the wheel is difficult enough without any distractions but what a recent public service announcement hopes to demonstrate is how hard it actually can be for a driver to be focused on the traffic while texting behind the wheel.

In this Belgian video, an instructor shows his students that before a driving license is released, students must prove they are completely capable of texting and driving. Students decide to conform to the rules and proceed to demonstrate they are able to text and drive along a course except they realize they actually can’t.

Results may not be entirely surprising to those who know about the dangers of texting and handling a vehicle but what the video accomplishes to demonstrate is that obstacles that could be easily avoided by a focused driver are hit by the distracted drivers, cones are knocked over and students come to realize it’s impossible to drive carefully and attentively while attempting to text on their cellphones.

I urge you to watch the video below and to share it with your loved ones. Drivers will learn from watching this video that that, although the language is quite different, the lesson is universal: texting and driving do not go well together.

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