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Tata Nano Could Be The World’s Cheapest Car

According to several news agencies, the Indian company Tata is bringing the world’s most inexpensive vehicle to the U.S. and European markets.

Reports show that the Tata Nano, a reportedly extremely inexpensive and unsafe vehicle, will be redesigned to be introduced to American consumers. The company’s chairman has claimed that engineers are working hard to come up with a great concept that will make American consumers enjoy the microcar, which could be an issue considering the much-publicized fires and safety issues this model of vehicle experienced in the past.

Federal agents say that this vehicle will only be allowed to be sold in the country if the company changes the vehicle enough to make it meet federal standards, which would include the presence of airbag systems and electronic stability control.

Hopefully, consumers will remember that safety should be always taken into consideration before they decide to purchase a vehicle. The car can be inexpensive but is it worth to save money and risk your life as a result?

For more on this new microcar and its American and European design, click here for the full report.

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