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Ten Safety Technologies Could Help Older Drivers

According to a recent study carried out by a seven-person panel at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology discovered that 25 technological safety features that could be either updated or created from scratch may be extremely helpful for mature drivers.

Reports show that motorists who are aged 50 and over were the main concern of the experts that participated in the research. These specialists from varied areas participated in the study but worked independently to prevent group influence of ideas, according to the news.

Specific factors involved in possible driver error were also considered in formulating the list with these safety features. Factors such as decrease in vision or decreased range of motion were taken into consideration and experts realized that by coming up with newer technology, some drivers would be much safer while behind the wheel after they reach a certain age.

Ten of the proposed features are listed in the article. For the full list and the specifications of each innovation, read the full story here:

Ten Safety Technologies Most Helpful For Mature Drivers, Study

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