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The 10 Least Powerful Vehicles On Sale In The U.S.

Recent articles have demonstrated that specialists decided to look into some cars that might be popular and highly efficient to the average American but that are not as powerful as some may believe.

According to the reviews and reports, the least powerful vehicle you can purchase in the United States today is the Mitsubishi i-MiEV. Although its performance may not live up to expectations, this is the most fuel-efficient vehicle in the list of least powerful vehicles available today. The subcompact EV can take up to 13.4 seconds to hit the 60-mpg range.

The number two of the list is the Smart ForTwo. According to the reports, the “Smart” option may not be so smart since it’s the least powerful gas-powered vehicle available in the market today. Chevrolet Spark follows right behind Smart ForTwo, being Chevrolet’s smallest vehicle with a 1.2 liter, 84-hp and 83 lb-ft of torque I-4. The only American vehicle on this list can disappoint when it comes to performance and power, however, the compact is fuel-efficient and seemingly fun to drive.

The 4th least powerful vehicle in the list is the Scion iQ. According to specialists, this vehicle takes up to 10.8 seconds to hit the 60-mpg mark while Honda Insight, the number 5 least powerful vehicle available today, performed slightly better when it came to acceleration power, but not enough to be dropped out of the list.

Toyota Prius C, the most powerful of all least powerful hybrids, was placed as the 6th least powerful vehicle in the U.S. today, being followed by Mazda2, which is a small and slow vehicle that could perform better, thanks to its light-weight.

Fiat 500 was placed at the 8th position in this list. According to the reports, the 500 version of the popular Italian brand was never designed to be powerful as opposed to the new model, the Fiat 500 Abarth, which was designed with power and speed in mind.

Experts also picked another Toyota vehicle to put in this list: Toyota Yaris was placed at the 9th position of this list and according to the article, this was due to the fact this compact was manufactured with a slightly larger engine that does not help when it comes to acceleration power.

And last but not least, number 10 goes to Nissan Leaf. The EV is the most powerful amongst the least powerful vehicles available in the market today and that’s because it took a little over 9 seconds to hit the 60-miles mark in recent tests.

For more on all of the least powerful vehicles available in the United States now, click here for the full article.

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