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The Best And Most Reliable Vehicle Models Under $18,000

Consumers looking for a vehicle that costs under $18,000 should be aware that there are multiple models out there that are both reliable and affordable, and that may also help you to save when it comes to shopping for fuel.

The reports show that experts have been urging consumers to look beyond what the dealer promises and proceed to research info on all models that are less expensive than $18,000 before making up their minds.  According to recent researches, various models can be great choices for drivers looking for reliable models. Experts decided to come up with a list with the best vehicles under $18,000 that have been recommended by the Consumer Reports. These models were tested by experts and they have all performed well. Most of these models have also achieved an average-or-better result, which makes these vehicles safe and reliable.

Consumers on a budget looking for a reliable vehicle may want to look into the new Chevrolet Sonic 1.8 LT. This model can be priced between $14,185 and $21,470. The reports show that this model is equipped with a turbocharged engine that is fuel-efficient and quicker than most vehicles in this category. Experts say this model’s handling may feel somewhat nimble. Experts also say that the hatchback version of this vehicle has much more versatile cargo capacity than the sedan version.

Experts have also listed the Honda Fit as an affordable and reliable vehicle. According to the news, this model may cost between $15,425 and $19,790. The new Honda Fit is a subcompact that offers its owner an easy cabin access and versatility when it comes to cargo room.  The engine is not extremely powerful, however, it feels responsive enough, experts say. The handling is quick and the fuel economy is competent. Due to the cabin’s built, the driver may feel disturbed by the constant road noise.

The new Hyundai Accent GLS may also be a great model for those who are looking for an inexpensive car that is also reliable. This car is available for modest prices and it comes in hatchback or sedan versions. This model may get to about 31 mpg overall. Models that come with a manual transmission may get 32 mpg. The handling in the new Accent GLS is also responsive and quick. This model is also equipped with six air bags and a series of other safety features.

According to experts, this model may not be as steady as others in this category. The road ride may feel somewhat jittery.

Some of the models that have also been listed as some of the most reliable and inexpensive models available now include the Kia Rio EX sedan, the Mazda2 Touring, and the Scion xD.

If you’re about to purchase a car and you would like to learn more about these vehicles, click here for the full article.

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