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Is Your Car a Lemon?

As you probably know, the California lemon law has nothing to do with the sour yellow citrus fruit. The lemon law is a consumer protection statute enacted by the legislature in Sacramento that applies throughout this State, and which requires automobile manufactures to buyback defective cars and trucks that are still under warranty if they cannot be repaired within a reasonable number of attempts. The California lemon law (like the lemon laws in many other states) covers used cars as well as new automobiles, so long as the vehicle was sold with a warranty and the defect or mechanical problem first occurred before the warranty expired.

California Lemon Law: Frequently Asked Questions

If you need California lemon law information, these links answer the most frequently asked questions:

Want to Read the Text of the California Lemon Law Statute?

For lawyers and other people who want to read the actual text of California’s lemon law statute, this Website a bookmarked copy of the Song-Beverly Consumer Warranty Act (Civ. Code § 1790 et. seq.)

What Other Laws Apply to Automobile Sales?

In California, there are many statutory, tort, and other civil and administrative rules that govern the sale of new and used cars and trucks. If you have a consumer law issue that isn’t a lemon law or auto fraud issue, then you should call us directly to discuss.

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