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“Express warranty”

As used in this chapter:

  1. “Express warranty” means:
    1. A written statement arising out of a sale to the consumer of a consumer good pursuant to which the manufacturer, distributor, or retailer undertakes to preserve or maintain the utility or performance of the consumer good or provide compensation if there is a failure in utility or performance; or
    2. In the event of any sample or model, that the whole of the goods conforms to such sample or model.
  2. It is not necessary to the creation of an express warranty that formal words such as “warrant” or “guarantee” be used, but if such words are used then an express warranty is created. An affirmation merely of the value of the goods or a statement purporting to be merely an opinion or commendation of the goods does not create a warranty.
  3. Statements or representations such as expressions of general policy concerning customer satisfaction which are not subject to any limitation do not create an express warranty.