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Anyone Can Afford to Retain a Lawyer for a Lemon Law Lawsuit

One of the first questions lemon vehicle owners often have is whether or not they can afford to hire a California lemon law lawyer to advocate for their legal rights. After all, there would be no value in a California lemon law lawsuit if the price of hiring a lemon lawyer was so high that it would exceed the amount of your legal recovery.

But for the owners of lemon vehicles in California there is no need to worry about the cost of hiring a California lemon law attorney. In enacting the California lemon law statute, the California legislature in Sacramento made sure that everyone with a valid lemon law claim would be able to hire a qualified lemon law attorney to get them the lemon law buyback that they deserve.

California Lemon Law Statute Can Force the Manufacturer to Pay Your Attorney’s Fees For You

California’s lemon law statute, at Civil Code Section 1794(d), permits a lemon vehicle owner (regardless of whether it is a new lemon vehicle or a used car lemon) to for force the manufacturer to pay his or her attorney’s fees and costs. This recovery is in addition to a California lemon law buyback and the other monetary recovery available under California’s lemon law.

Because the California lemon law statute permits you to recover your attorney’s fees and costs in full, there are dozens of qualified California lemon law attorneys in most California cities who are willing to take and advocate your California lemon law claim for you on a contingency fee basis for no money down. So it doesn’t matter whether you live in Los Angeles, San Bernardino, San Francisco, Oakland, San Diego or Orange County – or anywhere else in California, if you have a valid California lemon law claim, you can afford to retain a California lemon law attorney to litigate your case for you.

See this site’s page of selecting a California lemon law attorney for more information on how to choose a California lemon law lawyer.

Call a California Lemon Law Attorney to Find Out How Affordable it is to Hire a California Lemon Law Lawyer

As set forth above, the price of hiring a California lemon law attorney to represent you should not be a deterrent to forcing the manufacturer to comply with the California lemon law’s requirements. Retaining a California lemon law lawyer is affordable – and essentially free – for lemon vehicle owners.

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