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Have You Received a Letter Saying That Your Car Is a Lemon?

Some lawyers (but not anyone at our firm) send out letters in mass mailings to automobile owners stating that their car may qualify for a lemon law buyback. Consumers who get these letters often wonder if they are a cold call by an attorney trying to drum up business or whether the sender has specific information showing that their automobile is a lemon. The answer to this question is that usually it is a bit of both. Yes, these are cold call letters and the attorneys who sent them likely do not have any specific information about your vehicle. But that said, the sending attorneys typically try to target vehicle models that have a history of chronic problems.

Ultimately, you should consider the repair history of your vehicle. If it has never been in for repair, then it is not a lemon regardless of the make or model. But if it has been in for repair several times for the same problem, then it may be a lemon and the fact that it is of a particular make and model that is known to have problems may assist you in proving your right to a lemon law buyback. The best way to find out whether your vehicle qualifies for a lemon law buyback is to contact an attorney who specializes in lemon law lawsuits – and you can contact any such attorney you want – you don’t have to contact the one who sent you the letter.

The Vachon Law Firm Offers Free Consultations for Lemon Cases

If you think your vehicle might be a lemon, feel free to call us to discuss whether you could prevail in a lemon law lawsuit. We will analyze the facts, including your vehicle’s repair history, and give you a straightforward opinion. If you have a case, we will tell you. If you don’t, we will tell you that too.

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