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Oakland Lemon Lawyer Michael Vachon, LL.M.

The Vachon Law Firm Accepts Oakland Cases

The Vachon Law Firm accepts California lemon law cases in Oakland, California, and has experience litigating California lemon law lawsuits in the Alameda County Superior Courts.

Please review this Web site to learn more about your legal rights. It is intended to give you all the information that you need regarding the California lemon law and the various forms of Auto Fraud that Oakland car dealerships engage in. Check out the California Lemon Law Information page, which includes links to a variety of specific topics, like whether the California lemon law applies to used vehicles, leased vehicles, or vehicles used for business purposes. It also summarizes the California lemon law’s basic rules and includes links to pages that examine a wide variety of lemon law issues.

Oakland has hundreds of new and used car dealerships, which sell thousands of lemon vehicles every year. It doesn’t matter where you live in the East Bay, whether you’re an Oakland Raiders fan or an Oakland Athletics fan, whether you read the Oakland Tribune or the East Bay Express – if you live in Oakland – or anywhere else in Alameda County – and purchased a lemon, then you need to learn your legal rights under the California lemon law.

FREE California Lemon Law Consultations to Oakland Residents

Oakland residents who are sour on their lemon vehicles can get FREE answers to all of their California lemon law questions. You can check out this Web site’s California Lemon Law Info page, which will explain the California lemon law, and will let you know if lemon law can help you obtain a buyback for your lemon vehicle. And if you still have specific questions that you want to ask an Oakland lemon law attorney, you can call the Vachon Law Firm at 1-855-4-LEMON-LAW (1-855-453-6665). Consultations are always FREE for Alameda County residents! And you can find out if the California lemon law’s requirements and rules give you the right to a lemon law buyback.


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