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The Future Of Motoring Is Here With Self-Stopping, Self-Driving Vehicles

According to several news agencies, certain new auto technologies have been changing the way parents interact with their teen drivers and how they keep track of how their teens are operating their vehicles.

The creation of technologies such as Ford’s MyKey allows parents to pre-program certain aspects like top speeds, stereo volume and driving range.
Reports show that on top of these pre-programmed capabilities, MyKey will also give certain speed and stereo warnings, especially if the teen’s seat belt is not fastened.

Since a quarter of all teen drivers crash their vehicles during the first six months of their driving experience, this technology may give parents peace of mind.

Experts say that technologies like Ford MyKey will be much more popular and present in the near future. Technology used to detect and keep track of air crafts is being used to automobiles. According to the news, the radar-guided cruise control technology automatically speeds up or slows down the vehicle to keep up with traffic.  Automatic braking technology is also more common nowadays, with luxury cars like the Audi A6 and Mercedes E-Class offering the safety feature. Now, popular vehicles like the VW Golf or Ford Fiesta will also offer the automatic braking feature, which could avoid collisions by sensing obstacles and applying the brakes if the driver fails to do so in time.

Active safety, the kit that encompasses auto braking technology, sensors and lane departure warning technology may help drivers to be involved in less accidents, which is why automakers are attempting to add the kit to all of its new models.

With the increase in auto safety technology research, the implementation of the driverless car technology may also change the way we drive and how safe we are while on the road.

Back in 2005, Google started testing the autonomous car technology by developing its “building-block technologies” to offer drivers the opportunity of leaving everything to the machine. In 2011, Nevada granted Google with a driving license for a driverless vehicle. Since Google’s bold moves started shaping the technology and pushing it forward, Audi and Toyota decided to get on board of the new trend by developing their own driverless car systems. Recent data shows that about 95 percent of all auto accidents are somehow linked to driver error, which could be ruled out of the equation with the use of driverless car technology.

The autonomous vehicles could be the ultimate auto safety technology since it would keep motorists and occupants safe by having a full grasp on what is happening with the vehicle and the environment surrounding it.

To learn more about the new auto technology that has been changing the way we drive and stay safe behind the wheel, click here for the full article.

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