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The Importance Of Checking Your Car’s Visibility

This is the time of the year that drivers become affected the most by the consequences of longer nighttime driving periods since daylight savings is nearly gone.

Safety advocates have been encouraging drivers to remember that certain factors could increase their visibility and help them to stay safe while driving during nighttime. Car owners are being asked to also participate in vehicle visibility safety checks during this month, which is the National Headlight Safety Month of the year.

One of the most important things drivers should keep in mind is that checking the vehicle’s headlights could help to increase overall vehicle safety. According to experts, headlight bulbs dim over time of use. To check the vehicle’s headlights, drivers should park the car on a level surface facing five feet from a wall and turn the lights on. The bulbs are still in good condition if the circles of light are even and bright or soft white. Change the bulbs if the light is yellow.

Headlight aim could also be an issue. To check the headlight’s aim, turn on the headlights on a wall about 25 feet away and verify if one of the heads is aiming higher than the second one. If this happens, this issue should be fixed.

Checking the vehicle’s mirrors could also help drivers to become more aware of what is happening around them while on the road. Mirrors with cracks or stains should be fixed or replaced altogether, which could be done inexpensively if the driver replaces only the glass instead of replacing the whole mirror.

Specialists also urge car owners to check brake, tail, license and backup lights. Missing or faulty lights should be replaced or installed at once. Lack of visibility can cause accidents and lights that are working poorly should always be exchanged.

Car owners could also make their vehicles safer if they check the headlight lenses for milky or cloudy surfaces. If the lenses are simply clouded, a mere polishing of the item could cost much less than a full replacement of the part and the vehicle’s headlights will be able to work much better without posing a glare risk to motorists of oncoming vehicles.

In spite of the weather, car owners should always be aware of defects and minor issues that could compromise the car’s overall performance.

To learn more about visibility, car safety and how to keep your vehicle functioning properly, click here for the full article.

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