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The New Prius v Is Fully Reviewed By Experts

The Prius family of vehicles has been extremely successful, which has led to the developing of several different models and formats of the popular hybrid.

Now, Toyota has unveiled its 2013 Prius v model, which is a great family-friendly vehicle that will appeal to consumers looking for a fuel-efficient and roomy vehicle.

This new model offers great cargo capacity. In spite of the disappointing interior, which seems to have been manufactured with materials that are far from top-quality, the ride is quiet and comfortable. The new Prius v will help the driver to save at the pump due to its impressive mpg ratings and its seats will make the ride comfortable to your passengers.

Taller drivers may feel somewhat awkward while behind the wheel of this vehicle due to the particular design of this Prius vehicle.

According to some experts, the new Prius v may also be a disappointment to drivers who enjoy a clear, minimalistic gauge cluster.

Reports show that the price of gas started to go up again, which may be the push consumers need to stop using their gas guzzling vehicles to look for a more economic alternative. The Prius v could be just what they are looking for.

To learn more about this model, click here to read the full review.

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