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The New VW iBeetle Concept Gets Unveiled

Volkswagen has reported that its iBeetle, a direct tribute to all things Apple, has made its official debut.

The technology offers a series of features that would not only help the driver to stay on top of how the car’s health is doing, it would allow offer several entertainment features such as Spotify. Multiple reports show that the iBeetle tech has been designed to also resemble Apple products. Siri Eyes Free also offers some of the features iBeetle offers, however, other functions are exclusive.

One of the most interesting features in this new concept is the Reader. This feature would make it possible for the phone to read text messages, emails, articles and Facebook updates out loud. This technology could increase safety and avoid distractions, the company says. However, safety advocates have been reporting that maybe, this technology could provoke more distractions than it actually curbs.

As an attorney, I urge consumers in California to make sure they research the models they are interested in purchasing before they decide on actually buying the vehicle.

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